Always You (Always Series #1) by Lizzie Morton

Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Published on: 30 August 2020
Type: continuation series, trilogy
Genre: Music/Band, Contemporary Romance, Drama
Author: Lizzie Morton
Read: 13 April 2021
Shelved: 15 April 2021
Rating: 4/ 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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6 years ago I walked away from Brooklyn and left my heart in the hands of the one person who never really wanted it … or so I thought.

Now I’m back, fighting for what I want, fighting for what’s mine and most of all, fighting between the decision of whether to follow my head or my heart.

I’m learning things aren’t always what they seem. What I thought was the end of our journey was only the beginning, but sometimes in life happily ever afters don’t come easily, and ours just might prove impossible.

**Always You is Book 1 in the Always Series. This book is part of a trilogy and is not a standalone.**

Start the Always Series:
Book 1 – Always You
Book 2 – Always Us
Prequel to Book 3 – Fool Me Once
Book 3 – coming soon!


Abby is a young freelance photographer who comes back to her hometown for a short summer break. She takes up some freelance work and a part-time job at a bar. She reconnects with her groupie friends and the only reason she left Brooklyn six years ago.

Firstly and most importantly, I would recommend reading Always You, Book 1, instead of jumping into Always Us, Book 2, to avoid spoilers. Book 1 does a great job of “laying out” all the elements and details for readers in preparation for the mindset, Abby’s family and group dynamics, and her life six years ago. The story jumps between current and past timelines that points towards “the hows and whys” that ties the story nicely.

Secondly, readers may find this book a challenging read if used to get first-person POV – dual. The story revolved around Abby and her experiences until the very end. The book is well written, with a lot of drama and uncertainty mixed into it. The author chose to reveal very little about Abby’s aside while keeping everyone else’s thoughts secret. It was until 70% into the book that things picked up and became more apparent. 

Thirdly, Abby got to me! She is an enigma – the epitome of grace, humility, easygoing yet responsible (enough) character throughout the book. Granted that there were “loose moments,” but most times, Abby is the “responsible one” and wanted to find “answers” that only one man could give her. Abby’s internal “storms” were affecting her a lot and thus led to her indecisiveness. She might already know her decision, but the fear of being a disappointment to others makes her sacrifice her sanity in the book.

A frustrating trait I found with her is being too much a martyr when she becomes the “mother” to her galpals, Sophie and Zoe, “saving” them from their juvenile ways. She mentions dropping them but reverts to “saving them” when it comes time. My eyes were rolling each “next time” happened, but I understood the relationship’s importance. I believe I was madder that her friends would put her in those situations.

When the story picks up, Abby starts opening up herself to her best friends and what readers will find is someone who has it all in her grasps, except the one true thing that she wanted most in the world. There were too many secrets surrounding Abby, her family, and friends that were frustrating. I got a bit lost (and mad) like Abby since everyone else knows this “life-changing secret” that hugely affected her. People hinted and encouraged, then later retracted. Even when Abby becomes brave, her supposed friends and family still did not help her – stating, “not my story to tell.” (This was a very “GRRR” moment for me!) 

Ultimately, it was “the right one” for Abby, even if everyone else might doubt it, including me. The final decision, in the end, can be a shocker because it was all left “down the wire.” 

In summary, I enjoyed Always You and would recommend this to readers who love trilogy or even duet books with a side of angst and big revelations. This ending is not a cliffhanger but more of “the next phase” of Abby’s and Jake’s love story. Readers will NOT feel shortchanged with Abby’s decision. The story is solid and will bring up all “the feels” to have readers run through all the emotions of love, loss, and partial redemption. I love how the revelations came out and the character development when self-realization and sacrifices came out in the end. The book’s ending was a “sound-one” for Abby and, in her mind, the best for everyone.

PS: I love the author’s inclusion of Jake’s POV to bridge us through Book 2 at the end, which left me “the chills”! I wanted to jump up and down as this technique is what movies use to drop “hints” for the next story. I love Jake’s last words. 

About the Author

Author Lizzie Morton is an author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in the U.K with her partner and three children.
Previously she has worked as a Personal Trainer and Back Pain Specialist and trained as a Chef at Leeds City College.
Her first novel was originally just a note on her phone but became a full manuscript – released in August 2020.
When she isn’t reading or writing, her favourite things include running, sniffling, and changing nappies.

Connect with Lizzie:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Email | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon

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