Always Us (Always Series #2) by Lizzie Morton

Disclosure: All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Published on: 22 February 2021
Type: continuation series, trilogy
Genre: Music/Band, Contemporary Romance, Drama
AuthorLizzie Morton
Read: 23 April 2021
Shelved: 24 April 2021
Rating: 4/ 5 stars 
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How long does it take to mend a broken heart? If anyone has the answer, let me know.

It’s been two years since I chose to turn my back on the one that got away. I thought I was doing the best for both of us and it was supposed to help us move forward. Instead, I’m more confused than I’ve ever been before, fighting to forget what it felt like being in his arms.

Now, it’s another summer and another life-changing opportunity. But this time I’m running around Europe, surrounded by Rock Gods. It’s the life most would dream of, but things are never that straightforward.

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I’m faced with one of the biggest decisions I’ll ever have to make. Do I follow my head, or my heart?

They say the heart wants what it wants, but my heart wants two people at the same time.

**Always Us is Book 2 in the Always Series. The book is part of a trilogy and is not a standalone.**

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Book 1 – Always You
Book 2 – Always Us
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Always Us fast-forwards readers to two years after Abby West decides to move to South Africa for a job. She is a successful freelance photographer covering travel and exciting music tours. As it goes, Jake Ross, musician of the band SCARAB and her ex-boyfriend, decides that it’s time to “finally fight” for Abby and found a way for her to cover his European tour. Upon finding Jake’s intentions of having her come back to his life, Abby goes on the fence and keeps her distance while Jake does the total opposite. In helping Abby in getting her mind off her ex-boyfriend, another guy comes into the scene. Dan White, bandleader of another music band – Six Seconds to Barcelona (and part of the tour), has his eyes set on Abby’s attention. What happens next is a summer of whirlwind bus rides, hotel rooms, and “bad decisions” that will bring in the excitement, heartaches, and drama of being in a close-knit group. 

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by, how much of a fight she puts up or how many times she says it’s done. I’ll always be there watching over here, making sure she’s okay and fighting her corner. I walked away once, and it was the worst thing I ever did. I promised myself that I would never, do it again.

— Always Us, Lizzie Morton

Told from both Jake and Abby’s POV with a few flashbacks from Book 1, the story is written well and pulls readers in like behind-the-scenes of touring around Europe to the drama of Jake and Abby’s friends and entourage. Readers can expect sparks, words, and actions to start flying as the complications surrounding Jake and Abby together for a whole summer. With dating two men and ex’s fighting back, there is no shortage of jealousy and manipulations.

I am saying this with love and affection, but Jake is PATHETIC! After what he and Abby went through in the last book, you would think that he would get his head straight and start “changing for the better” for him and Abby. Nope – instead, after the end of the last book, Jake “goes off the rails,” slacks off “to get over Abby,” then demands her to part of his music tour as a way to get her back. Granted that he is trying to “fight for them,” he makes the wrong decisions every time based on his anger, frustrations, and irrational thoughts about how Abby had both their interest at the forefront compared to him.

Abby is another frustrating character. I don’t know who has the luck she has of having men (famous and rich) fall all over her and seeking “real relationships.” She is truly a unique one! I understand her confusion but also had to keep in mind that she is not perfect. She has flaws and made poor decisions like any other human being. She is focused on moving on but couldn’t fathom why she is failing. Well, maybe because her head and heart have not decided on anything yet, or has she? I wished she would own up to what she really wants in the end, but she is afraid of admitting it. She keeps running away from having to decide anything. She later gets a “moment of clarity” from the most unlikely people who made my jaw drop…the words and discussion between that character were brutal but honest.

There is a fantastic and memorable scene nearing the end where Abby does seek her help and “clarity.” This scene comes as somewhat surprising since it hits closer to home. The office space described may leave readers surprised, not shocked if they have read Book 1. I was happy to see this throughout that chapter because of the clarity given to Abby in the end…though the ending is still killing me.

In summary, Always Us is an excellent read for second chance tropes, rock music genre readers like myself. Compared to Book 1, Always Us left me baffled and hanging. This book is a cliffhanger because of the impending things coming. With many things happening – two men are fighting for Abby, more secrets coming out, shifting alliances and unexpected relationships forming, etc. It was a good enough read and worth all the angst, drama, frustration, tears, and other emotions that the author brought out in me. I want to note that the “truth’s backstory” was awful and cruel, but explained why Abby’s and Jake’s predicament. In the end, it isn’t “the truth” that will get readers worked up but something else that happens, which will affect Jake and her futures. Book 3 cannot come fast enough after this ending!

“Whatever this is between you and Abby, it’s as real as it gets, and its messy, because love is. Fight with everything you have left, and when you’re done…fight some more.”

— Always Us, Lizzie Morton

About the Author

Author Lizzie Morton is an author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in the U.K with her partner and three children.
Previously she has worked as a Personal Trainer and Back Pain Specialist and trained as a Chef at Leeds City College.
Her first novel was originally just a note on her phone but became a full manuscript – released in August 2020.
When she isn’t reading or writing, her favourite things include running, sniffling, and changing nappies.

Connect with Lizzie:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Email | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon

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