Always (Always Series Book 3) by Lizzie Morton

Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Published on: 11 November 2021
Type: continuation series, trilogy, the finale
Genre: Music/Band, Contemporary Romance, Drama
AuthorLizzie Morton
Read: 03 November 2021
Shelved: 04 November 2021
Rating: 5/ 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Always (Book 3) continues where Book 2 left off. The story is told from both Jake and Abby’s POV. The writing is easy to relate to as in the previous books but with more emotions and internal realizations. The angst level is “off-the-charts,” and internal growth was stellar, coming from both main characters from unresolved pasts and issues.

Noteworthy thoughts

1.) Abby’s internal conflicts and hurt are consistent in all three books. She may have grown up, but she did learn to protect her heart though not to the best of decisions in some cases. 

Note that Jake did some growing up also, but I felt that Abby’s more drastic because of her position and trying to protect everyone. The burden she carried, though I felt unnecessary, shaped the story into its full potential. Sacrificing was tough, but to later see its fruition was an enlightening one. I may not have agreed with Abby’s decision, but she did the best she could for her and her family.

2.) I love the addicting storyline to the point of making me want to finish everything asap. The angst and drama are over-the-top without being too overbearing. I think it’s the right amount of adrenaline for two very volatile characters.

3.) I love Abby’s stubbornness protects her, but it became too much that I felt that she gave up on love with her soulmate, Jake, and just focused herself on the pregnancy, and then after the birth, attention is all on Rosa. Jake had to really, really try hard (though not all is his fault) to win her back. I felt terrible for him. In Book 1 – I was sort of mad at Jake, but after this book, with everything clicking into place, I was rooting for him feverishly.

4.) I love Dan White! I am convinced that he genuinely loves Abby, even after “everything.” Not in the same way as Beckett (ex-boyfriend) did, but more since even after Abby turned him down, he channeled his energy in helping both Abby and Jake in whatever way he could. I hope it won’t be the last time I hear of Dan White. He’s got a good storyline somewhere.

5.) Supporting characters from both sides were unforgettable. Not only Dan White but Abby’s friends – Sooz, Amanda, Sophie, and Zoe AND Ryan, Zack, Shaun, and Sam were amazing and supportive of the “craziness” of Abby and Jake’s relationship. All these characters had a part in arranging many of the “reunions” between Abby and Jake that it is impossible NOT to credit them for their eventuality.

“Nothing else matters because it always has and always will be you”

— Always, Lizzie Morton

In summary, Always is a story about finding your soulmate the second or third time around, taking risks, offering forgiveness, and accepting new beginnings with an open mind and heart. I love how the book pulls out all the emotional stops and makes readers realize that timing may be everything in a relationship, but Abby and Jake’s kind of love will always find a way. I understood Abby’s decision in the story. She was betrayed in all points in her life by the people who thought she trusted, so things have to come from Jake’s side, wherein his actions must speak louder than words. This book gave me all the fuzzies and shows how honest and true Abby and Jake’s love transcends time and space in the end.


– angst writing at its finest
– evolving character development based on Book 1 to 3
– an ending that fitted the deep emotional love from pages to readers’ hearts


– Saying goodbye 
After three emotionally charged, roller-coaster journeys of Abby and Jake, saying goodbye is bittersweet. Both characters kept me up for months since I got to know them, but I am happy with where things stand by the book’s last sentence – a great wrap-up to a timeless story.

TROOPS: rockstar romance, second chances, accidental pregnancy, angst, slow-build drama

About the Author

Author Lizzie Morton is an author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in the U.K with her partner and three children.
Previously she has worked as a Personal Trainer and Back Pain Specialist and trained as a Chef at Leeds City College.
Her first novel was originally just a note on her phone but became a full manuscript – released in August 2020.
When she isn’t reading or writing, her favorite things include running, sniffling, and changing nappies.

Connect with Lizzie:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Email | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon

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